Hittade denna lista hos C a m i l l a - Jag gör den helt på Engelska istället

Outside my window... There are coulds
I am thinking... Of food
I am thankful for... That everyone in my family is ok
From the kitchen... It need some cleaning :/ Hate it
I am wearing... Black tee from Acne and red jeans from dbrand
I am creating... Folders at work to sort files in. I am a tidy girl really
I am going... away soon, but only for the evening
I´m reading... No I'm listening to Krokodilen by Herman Lindqvist
I am hoping... that I can sleep to night
I am hearing... It is quiet in here
Around the house... There are a restaurant and people are sitting there, there are people all around the house
One of my favorites things... Go to Trägårn when it is nice weather, hopefully again next week
A few plans for the rest of the weak... Go to Stockholm tomorrow to move furniture
A picture to share... I do not have any pictures in this computer, it is our new one, sorry :( Se below for one

Postat av: Mia ❤

Kul lista :) Hoppas att du får en finfin lördag i solen!

2009-07-04 @ 09:53:47
Postat av: Anette

Hoppas du får en skön helg och vore kul att se dig i dagens kläder, nyfiken på byxorna :)


2009-07-04 @ 11:18:11
Postat av: C a m i l l a

Vad kul att läsa din lista. :) Jag gillar listor. Hoppas ni har det bra i Sthlm. :)


2009-07-05 @ 13:47:41
Postat av: Camilla

Mia: Tack!

Anette: Snart hoppas jag :)

C a m i l l a: Ja listor är jätte bra

2009-07-05 @ 19:36:54

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